Mushroom Foraging Course

Online Mushroom Identification & Foraging Course for Pacific Northwest

Have you always wanted to learn more about mushrooms, including how to identify and collect them?

Or, are you a beginner mushroom forager wanting to improve and practice your skills?

I've designed a completely-online course on mushrooms to help you do that.

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What You Will Learn

  • Mushroom facts, including their biology and role in the ecosystem

  • Systems for mushroom classification and naming, including the different types of mushroom

  • Useful terminology for mushroom observation and identification

  • Dangers and risks associated with mushroom foraging and identification, and how to avoid them

  • How to identify mushrooms, including the steps for making spore-prints and using ID keys

  • Important rules, regulations, and standard practices for mushroom foraging

  • The best equipment and safety practices for mushroom foraging

  • Easy-to-learn beginner mushrooms for each season, and some steps on how to get started

Course Advantages

There are a number of mushroom-related courses out there. Here's why you should pick this one:

  • While there is no substitute for hands-on experience, this course is completely online. You can do it whereever you are and from the comfort of your own home.

  • Many mushroom courses are general, or offered in places outside of the course designers own location. But mushroom knowledge and information is often highly local. My course is focused on the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.

  • My course is affordable - only $15 for the base course including text lectures, photo references, and quiz questions.

If you're not willing to pull the trigger just yet. Then visit the WestCoastForager school page and sign up. You'll get information and updates on future courses, deals, and upgrades, especially as new content, like videos and step-by-step tutorials, gets added.

Below: An example question

Test your knowledge with questions at the end of each lecture

Below: Sample reference photos

Refer to detailed photos to improve and practice your new skills

Are you on board?